Key Results

In recent years, the Low Carbon Development (LCD) the Programme has delivered key results in the following three ways:

Supported institutional enhancement

The LCD Programme has helped operationalise the Designated National Authorities (DNA) in 32 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions.

Developed capacities for implementing GHG mitigation activities in developing countries

· Provided CDM training to more than 32,000 stakeholders from the private and public sector in 32 countries

· Increased and diversified CDM project national portfolios in more than 32 countries

· Promoted CDM and national project portfolios in international and regional carbon conferences and forums

· Facilitated knowledge and information exchange, expanded networking among carbon market practitioners and increased business opportunities by organizing carbon forums in 6 Latin American and 3 African countries involving nearly 5000 speakers and participants from different stakeholders such as CER buyers, country project developers, service providers, regulators, NGO’s and universities

Information cost reduction for the carbon market

· The programme has developed a number of guidelines and other publications in CDM, carbon finance and other related topics. This includes the CDM Guidebooks series, the Carbon Market Perspectives series, and CD4CDM working papers, among others.

· The Programme strives to create an efficient and transparent system of information dissemination through data gathering, data analysis, and free web-based tools like the CDM/JI Pipeline, which is now the world’s leading information tool on CDM.

· The Programme has created an online resource for CDM Methodology and Technology Selection tool

· It hosts the CDM Bazaar in close cooperation with the UNFCCC Secretariat to increase contacts between credit buyers and sellers  
18 APRIL 2019