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06 DEC

Growing gap between ambition and action: Adaptation efforts need financial boosting

The new Adaptation Gap Report shows increasing gap in finance for adaptation and points to severe health impacts in a future of climate change.

27 NOV

Nations must triple ambition to reach 2°C target, concludes the new Emissions...

It is still possible to keep global warming below 2°C, but the technical feasibility of bridging the 1.5°C gap is dwindling as global CO2 emissions reached a new record...

26 NOV

UNEP DTU Partnership signs collaboration to accelerate energy efficiency in Kenya

UNEP DTU Partnership and the Kenyan government has signed a five-year agreement on  energy efficiency strategy development and implementation

23 NOV

Accelerating climate change action through blockchain technology

UNEP DTU Partnership is focusing research on blockchain technology and its potential applications in achieving the goals in the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

13 NOV

Achieving low-carbon and climate resilient development in Small Island Developing...

UNEP DTU Partnership works with Small Island Developing States to help understand and overcome the unique challenges to the uptake of climate change technologies

09 NOV

Advancing finance for clean energy in West Africa

Entrepreneurs, key experts and stakeholders joins UNEP DTU Partnership at the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Forum to discuss finance for clean household energy.

07 NOV

Carving the way forward for urban transport in India

Contributing to the Urban Mobility India conference, UNEP DTU Partnership was part of promoting green electric transport to key decision makers

29 OCT

New project: Adaptation tool-kit for Sri Lankan garment industry

Helping businesses adapt to climate related disasters such as floods and landslides to aid long-term overall sustainable development

26 OCT

Expert from UNEP DTU explains climate change consequences on CNN Chile

UNEP DTU Partnership senior advisor explains what is coming in terms of climate change and its consequences on CNN Chile

19 OCT

Climate model adds transparency to National Reporting and NDC updates

Ghana has used UNEP DTU Partnership climate model in reporting on climate change mitigation actions and will use it to update their National Determined Contribution to...

19 OCT

UNEP DTU Partnership senior energy advisor part of 'global elite'

Senior advisor for energy Dr. Romanas Savickas has been recognised for his leadership in the global energy transition.

18 OCT

Two awards for Chinese district energy projects

District energy projects designed by UNEP DTU Partnership researcher have won awards for energy efficiency

17 OCT

Kicking-off TNA round three

Round three of the Technology Needs Assessment project was oficially started with a Project Kick-off Workshop today.

12 OCT

A new perspective on solar power in Africa

A new special issue journal co-edited by UNEP DTU Partnership looks at the political and socio-cultural dimensions of solar power technology across the continent.

28 SEP

High tech for a sustainable future

UNEP DTU Partnership joins High Tech Summit, the leading research-based high-tech event in the Nordics, to talk about Sustainability as a Business.

26 SEP

Call for Consultant to develop CEO Endorsement Document for Dominican Republic

Support to the development of CEO Endorsement Document for the project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Dominican Republic to generate climate information and knowledge...

24 SEP

Vacancy Announcement - PhD scholarship for studying Blockchain Use for Effective...

The Low Carbon Development Programme at UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP), invites applications for a PhD research project focused on blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology...

24 SEP

Green Climate fund increases funding to developing countries based on Technology...

More and more countries are receiving funding from the Green Climate Fund  based on their national Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs). Building on their TNA outputs, Armenia...

20 SEP

Our future in the market is promising and bright

Based on the successful AREED facility UNEP DTU Partnership is distributing reflow funds to social enterprises in Africa. In Tanzania, this means healthier and greener...

19 SEP

Building on lessons learned to help African NGOs establish social energy enterprises

UNEP DTU Partnership is distributing reflow funds to social enterprises working with clean and renewable energy throughout Africa, and it is working.

10 SEP

Emission Gap Report chapter on global climate action from non-state actors released

Emission Gap Report chapter on global climate action from non-state actors finds a broad spectrum of commitments with potential to support and ultimately outpace governments...

23 AUG

Call for Latin America & the Caribbean to engage in climate dialogue

Today marks the close of the Latin American & Caribbean Climate Week, which has been showcasing ground-breaking action underway in the region to dramatically reduce greenhouse...

21 AUG

The Latin American & Caribbean Climate Week - keeping Kofi Annan's legacy alive

Participants from all levels in the Latin American region have gathered in Montevideo to step up and emphasise climate solutions.

29 JUN

Enhanced Public - Private Partnerships - ADMIRE project mobilizes 15 times initial...

A stocktake of the ADMIRE project shows its initiatives throughout the world have attracted private sector funding totalling 52 million dollars.

27 JUN

UNEP DTU part of Global Plan of Action for humanitarian sustainable energy

Access to energy is critical for health, safety and well-being. However, it is often overlooked in humanitarian settings. A global plan seeks to change that, and UNEP DTU...

26 JUN

Global partners kick off Technology Needs Assessment Round 3

The third round of the Technology Needs Assessment project has started. Based on partnerships with local organisations, UNEP DTU Partnership coordinates a locally rooted...

26 JUN

Call for Consultant to develop TNA Gender Guide

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is looking to contract a consultant to develop gender guidance in the UDP led Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) project. The TNA project...

26 JUN

Call for Consultant to develop TNA Gender Guide

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is looking to contract a consultant to develop gender guidance in the UDP led Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) project. The TNA project...

18 JUN

Waste-to-energy where it is needed the most

Solutions are needed to convert waste to energy in humanitarian contexts around the world. UNEP DTU Partnership is working to create solutions, where waste management becomes...

18 JUN

Adaptation Futures: The role of SME's in climate resilience

UNEP DTU Partnership will participate in the Adaptation Futures conference, focusing on how we can catalyse micro small and medium-sized enterprises' (MSMEs) adaptation...

13 JUN

UNEP DTU joins the peoples meeting on Bornholm

Along with policymakers, experts and representatives from civil society and private sector, UNEP DTU Partnership will host two events at the annual peoples meeting on the...

11 JUN

All you need to know about NDCs now fits in your pocket

With a handy new pocket guide, UNEP DTU Partnership has made it easier to know your way around the NDCs and UNFCCC process.

04 JUN

Transport Summit DTU: Where are the Indian EVs?

Findings on which barriers stand in the way of an increase in the electrification of the Indian transport sector was presented at the Transport Summit DTU 2018

01 MAY

Which technologies can save the climate, and what stands in their way?

New analysis from UNEP DTU Partnerships shows that developing countries' need for technology is particularly large within the energy, agriculture and water sectors. It...

19 APR

Perspectives: Building climate resilience with smaller businesses

Smaller business are the backbone of the economy in developing countries, but they are also hit the hardest by climate change. A new publication looks at how they can adapt...

16 APR

Africa Crafts Message of Sustainability for International Climate Negotiations

Action on climate change and sustainable development together is the way forward for Africa. That is the top-line message that regional, public and private sector delegates...

11 APR

Africa Carbon Forum kicks off

More than 1400 delegates are gathered in Nairobi for the beginning of the Africa Carbon Forum to work towards achieving global climate goals and promote marked based climate...

10 APR

UNEP DTU in Parliament hearing: We need to boost climate ambitions

The Danish Energy, Utilities and Climate Committee invited UNEP DTU and other experts to give their take on Denmark's climate efforts and the Paris Agreement. The message...

09 APR

Energy and research policy on the agenda

UNEP DTU contributed to a conference on energy and research policy in Denmark leading up to major political decisions.

09 APR

Aligning the Agendas on Development and Climate

Sustainable development and climate action must go hand in hand to create a better future. UNEP DTU Partnership is part of a new initiative to create a "rulebook" for implementation...

22 MAR

New guide: Building capacity to implement NDC's

Institutions in developing countries are taking on the task of implementing their NDC's, but many lack the needed capacity. A new guide from UNEP DTU Partnership identify...

21 MAR

New Publication on Adaptation Metrics released

Climate adaptation initiatives are more important than ever, and globally more and more funds are invested in climate resilience. But how do we measure success?

08 MAR

African Climate Week to speed up solutions

Ambitions and efforts need to be scaled up in the climate effort. Africa Climate Week invites organizations to focus on how the world's climate goals can be achieved.

05 MAR

UNEP DTU researcher awarded

Senior advisor Ksenia Petrichenko has received the Best Young Energy Efficiency Researcher award at the World Sustainable Energy Days.

22 FEB

"For climate change, size doesn't matter"

The Maldives is punching above its weight in the struggle to limit the impacts of climate change threatening the country's very existence. UNEP DTU has long been a partner...

14 FEB

ADMIRE result: Colombia cuts taxes for green cook stoves

Advocacy by UNEP DTU partner has resulted in a VAT exemption on improved cook stoves, a step towards a market with efficient cooking that helps environment and health.

07 FEB

Chilean schools get solar power through ADMIRE pilot project

Solar panels and LED-lighting in six schools in Chile will form part of a pilot project on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The project's origins were created by...

30 JAN

23 new countries will assess their technology needs with help from UNEP DTU

Some of the worlds' Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States will assess what and how technology can help them achieve the Paris Agreement goals in...

25 JAN

Sustainable energy for refugees: UNEP DTU contributing to global action plan

Along with other organisations, UNEP DTU shares a vision that every person affected by conflict or natural disasters should have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable...

22 JAN

Proposed mitigation action in Honduras: Green growth in livestock sector

UNEP DTU proposal highlights sustainable practices enabling growth in livestock sector while ensuring natural resources and lowering greenhouse gas levels.

18 JAN

Large scale renewable energy project to create jobs and develop local communities...

Changes in procurement of renewable energy in South Africa has helped prices drop significantly. A new UNEP DTU project will look at the effects on local industry and affected...

10 JAN

A path towards a greener and bigger Nicaraguan livestock sector

A strategy for sustainable growth in the Nicaraguan livestock sector developed by UNEP DTU points to practices that would allow for more cattle while turning the sector...

27 DEC

Unlocking India's potential for electrification of transport

UNEP DTU Partnership's research looks at the large potential for electric vehicles in India's major cities and why it is yet to be fulfilled.

13 DEC

Today's prevention is not enough for the heat waves of tomorrow, shows UDP research...

Research and analysis from UNEP DTU and the WHO Regional Office for Europe shows importance of a fact based approach to heat wave prevention in cities and focuses on the...

04 DEC

World gathers at UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi to tackle global menace of...

UN Environment head calls for concerted global action on pollution and other challenges by tackling unsustainable resource use, engaging the private sector and other measures

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