Technical Workshop on Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) and launch of Global Coordination Platform

Friday 07 Apr 17


UNEP DTU Partnership is hosting the first technical workshop on the Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) from 18-20 April 2017 at the UN City in Copenhagen. The workshop, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is organized by UN Environment and UNDP to kick off the Capacity Building Initiative on Transparency with the aim of engaging stakeholders and practitioners in setting in motion the implementation of this project.

The Paris Agreement puts forward an enhanced transparency framework that applies to all Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), with built-in flexibility for developing countries. This new framework aims at tracking the progress of mitigation and adaptation actions implemented at national and global levels. To enable developing countries to comply with the new requirements, an initiative named Capacity Building Initiative on Transparency was established (CBIT). The aim of CBIT is to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities for transparency-related activities, and to provide the tools, training, and assistance for the improvement of transparency over time.

The workshop is geared at representatives from developing and developed countries, international organizations, donor communities and other institutions involved in the provision of support to the enhanced transparency framework.

Participation is through invitation only.

Agenda and workshop objectives:

April 18-  CBIT coordination meeting
This meeting convenes representatives from Parties and organizations involved in the provision of support. It aims at discussing the expected results of the project, strengthening coordination among donors and implementing organizations, and presenting the global coordination platform.

April 19 - Technical workshop – Day 1
In the first day, participants will get an overview of the enhanced transparency framework and the planned implementation of CBIT support. This will be followed by a panel addressing challenges and recommendations for the preparation of proposals for CBIT support, and by an interactive presentation of the global coordination platform. The day will come to an end after selected countries share their experiences with the preliminary implementation of national transparency frameworks.

April 20 - Technical workshop – Day 2
The focus of the second day is the assessment of gaps and needs faced by countries in the implementation of the enhanced transparency framework. There will be opportunities for brainstorming and discussion among the participants in order to identify priorities and requirements in the design and implementation of CBIT support. Next, participants will hear about the different types of support available for the implementation of transparency framework. A summary of the workshop results and the projected next steps will be provided as wrap-up at the end of the day.



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