Consultant Coordinator for Technology Needs Assessment project, Vanuatu

Wednesday 05 Sep 18

The current Global TNA project, deriving from window (i) of the Strategic Program on Technology Transfer, is designed to support countries to carry out improved Technology Needs Assessments within the framework of the UNFCCC.

A TNA Coordinator/consultant is being recruited for the duration of the project to execute and also supervise the implementation of activities under the TNA project. He/She will be required to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the project under the supervision of and reporting to a TNA Project Director to be identified by Government.

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The consultant should possess the following qualifications:
i. At least a postgraduate degree in environmental management or climate-related fields
ii. Solid work experience in environment or climate change mitigation and adaptation-related fields
iii. Strong experience with the local context of the country and well established local networks

Profile and Skills
The consultant should be in possession of strong inter-personal and verbal communication skills, good coordination and facilitation skills, and possess proven analytical capabilities, as well as excellent writing skills. The consultant should have good knowledge of - and experience with - climate change strategies, technologies and policies at the national level. More specifically he/she should be familiar with national development objectives and sector policies, have overall insights in climate change science, and potential climate change impacts, as well as mitigation and adaptation needs for the country.

Working Arrangement
The TNA Coordinator would provide inputs on a part-time basis. Part-time consultants will be required to be available for the performance of the tasks and delivery of the required outputs. His/Her inputs should be equivalent to number of working days, as indicated in the budget, spread over the duration of the project, as required by the TNA Project Director.

Payment of fees will be output-based. He/She will report to the National TNA Project Director.


All working papers, draft reports and Final Report should be prepared and submitted in soft copies in English or French Language, as agreed.

Application Procedure
To express your interest send in your CV to Brian Philips at and Natasha Kuruppu at by 18 September 2018.



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