Call for bids - Emissions Gap Report 2017

Wednesday 24 May 17


UNEP DTU is inviting bids for the assessment of greenhouse gas emission reduction potentials for 2030.

The goal of this activity is to come to a global potential estimate for greenhouse gas emission reduction for 2030 covering all sectors and all greenhouse gases. The emission reduction potential is interpreted as the techno-economic potential, i.e. the potential that is technically feasible in a certain future year, given a certain cost constraint.

Two sub-activities are expected delivered at the end of the activity:

1. A full study report - see details below, and

2. A chapter for the 2017 UNEP Emission Gap Report, building on preliminary work of sub-activity 1.

1. Study assessing greenhouse gas emission reduction potentials for 2030

This sub activity will entail conducting an assessment of GHG emission reduction potentials for 2030, building on the following components:

- An overview of the relevant studies published in the last 5 years. The focus should be on sector-specific rather than all-economy studies.
- Quantification of potentials by sector, building
- Analysis and comparison of results of quantification studies with integrated assessment models (contingent on contributions from external co-authors, not included in this procurement)

The full analysis and results will be presented in a final study report, in a format to be agreed with UDP. It is expected that this work is completed in October 2017.

2. Chapter for the 2017 UNEP Emissions Gap Report

Building on initial analysis from sub activity 1, sub activity 2 will deliver a chapter for the 2017 Emissions GAP report. The specific outline of the chapter and potential involvement of co-authors will be agreed with UNEP DTU after award of the contract.

A first draft of the Emissions Gap Report chapter is to be delivered by early-August, 2017, followed by review from UNEP DTU and external experts. A final chapter is to be produced by end of September.

Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to Lars Christensen at before midnight (CET) on 7 June 2017. The proposal shall include an estimate of overall costs, the CV of the person who would manage the project, and one page of background on the organisation submitting the proposal.



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