Jamaica TNA: Call for consultants

Tuesday 27 Nov 18

The current Global (Technology Needs Assessments) TNA project, deriving from window (i) of the Strategic Program on Technology Transfer, is designed to support countries to carry out improved TNAs within the framework of the UNFCCC. 

To support and facilitate the TNA process, national experts are being recruited for the execution of activities in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation in the prioritised sectors of coastal and water resources, agriculture and energy under the direct supervision of the TNA Coordinator based at the Climate Change Division (CCD) of the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC)

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a) The Expert Consultant (EC) should possess at least a postgraduate degree in a relevant field
b) The Expert Consultant should possess at least 5 years of work experience in the adaptation and mitigation sector or related fields. 

Profile and Skills
The EC should have applied knowledge in mitigation/adaptation technologies in the relevant sectors in the country context. He/She should have extensive knowledge of - and experience with climate change mitigation or adaptation strategies (as relevant), technologies and policies at national level. More specifically he/she should be familiar with national development objectives and sector policies, have overall insights in climate change science, and potential climate change impacts, as well as mitigation or adaptation needs for the country in the relevant sector(s). Moreover, the EC should have good coordination and facilitation skills, and possess proven analytical capabilities, as well as excellent writing skills.

Working Arrangement
The EC will be contracted by the University of the West Indies (UWI) on a part-time basis, with inputs equivalent to a number of working days as reflected in the agreed national TNA budget, with a total of up to 460 person days consultancy for mitigation and adaptation in all prioritised sectors. He/She will be required to be available for the timely delivery of milestones relevant to the specified tasks over the duration of the project, as required by the TNA Coordinator.

All working papers, draft reports and Final Report should be prepared and submitted in soft copies in English Language.

Selection Process and selection criteria
The selection process will be carried out by the TNA Coordinator, with the assistance of UDP and UWI. The selection will be based on criteria such as relevant qualifications, experiences, skills, contributions on climate change adaptation, national and international development objectives and sector policies, and understanding of the methodological approach to the assignment. Lastly, the consultant needs to have a good understanding of the local context and well-established networks in the country.

Application Procedure
To express your interest send your CV, cover letter and addresses for 3 references, to the TNA Coordinator UnaMay Gordon Unamay.Gordon@megjc.gov.jm, James Haselip jhas@dtu.dk and Donovan Campbell donovan.campbell@uwimona.edu.jm by 14th December 2018. Applications received after midnight (Jamaica time) on 14th December 2018 will not be considered.

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