Call for Consultant to develop CEO Endorsement Document for Dominican Republic

Wednesday 26 Sep 18
Support to the development of CEO Endorsement Document for the project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Dominican Republic to generate climate information and knowledge in the Framework of the Paris Agreement"

UNEP DTU Partnership is providing support to the Government of the Dominican Republic to develop the CEO Endorsement Document to access the Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) funds under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for enhanced transparency activities.

GEF-CBIT will support the country to build routine, concurrent and participatory monitoring, reporting and verification processes using existing mandates and institutions, by Strengthening the Capacity of the Dominican Republic to generate climate information and knowledge in the Framework of the Paris Agreement.


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Scope of work

The local consultant is expected to support the elaboration of the Dominican Republic´s CEO Endorsement document, working closely with UNEP DTU, ROLAC and the Government of the Dominican Republic who will designate a local focal point for this consultancy. 

Main activities of the consultant include: permanent compilation of data for the different components of the project; presentation of a thorough compilation of documentation of the results of the overall mission and local activities (meetings and workshops) and views of stakeholders; and prepare the contents and taking care of the final printing of infographic materials to be distributed in on site activities during the consultancy.
Ensure that all activities are aligned with national priorities and coordinated with on-going projects in the country. The consultant will conduct initial consultations with stakeholders in the concerned ministries and government departments to collect data and information available and continue holding these consultations throughout the process up until finalization of deliverables. 

Qualifications and skills

The appointed consultant should be in possession of:
• At least a postgraduate degree (20%)
• Experience in preparing Climate international Projects (ideally GEF projects) (30%)
• Experience in organizing Government level activities involving officials and country stakeholders in environmental or climate matters (30%)
• Experience in preparation of dissemination materials about environmental/climate change matters (20%).

Candidates with prior solid experience in the country in both climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, as well as those with experience in the Dominican Republic Government sector will be given preference. Good management of English is an asset.

Working arrangements

The consultant will be working from home but should preferably be based in the Dominican Republic. Advanced payment will be issued for renting conference facilities and conference related tasks for the local workshops.


The contract period is expected to last maximum 5 months from the day the contract is signed (with a partial dedication).

Application deadline

10th October 2018

Application requirements

- CV
- A description (1 to 2 pages) of:
a) the approach that the consultant would take to cover the tasks mentioned above and
b) the way the consultant would engage with the national counterparts.

To apply for this position, please email Ivana Audia (

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