Call for Consultants to develop a regional MRV system for the Souss-Massa region, Morocco

Thursday 24 Jan 19

UNDT DTU Partnership is seeking to hire two short term consultants, local (Souss-Massa region) and national (Morocco), to support the Secretariat of State in Charge of Sustainable Development develop an MRV system at the subnational level for the Souss-Massa region with a focus on the energy and agriculture sectors. The project is under the ICAT initiative (Initiative for Climate Action Transparency).

Project: Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT)

Duty Station: Morocco, The local consultant has to be located in the Souss-Massa region.

Duration of Project: 10 months (starting February 2019)

Type of contract: Individual Contract

Click to read the full Terms of Reference (in French).

Expected Results and Key Deliverables

The Project Consultants, with guidance from the Secretariat of State in Charge of Sustainable Development and UNEP DTU Partnership, has the following principal responsibilities and deliverables, as well as other related tasks that may be identified as necessary to the success of the Project in attaining its objectives:

a. Deliverable 1: Report on the existing regional MRV and its relationship with the national MRV system: Analysis of the current situation and needs for the development and implementation of an MRV system in the Souss-Massa region: institutional, regulatory aspects and data collection.
b. Deliverable 2: Report detailing the institutional and legal Framework proposed at the regional level: proposal for an institutional and legal framework for the regional MRV
c. Deliverable 3: Data collection platform and regional QA / QC System: Development of a data collection platform and QA / QC System
d. Deliverable 4: Roadmap for the implementation of the MRV system in the Souss-Massa region: Development of a road map and recommendations for the implementation of a regional MRV system under the authority of the competent authorities.
e. Deliverable 5: MRV Report of the Energy and Agriculture Sectors in the Region
f. Deliverable 6: Training workshop and report corresponding to Capacity Building of key sectors of the region for the implementation of the MRV system
g. Deliverable 7: Workshops and Final Validation Report

Qualifications and Experience

The candidates must be highly motivated and able to work independently. The ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders is essential: governments, agencies, private companies and research institutes. A good understanding of the legal and policy framework for climate change initiatives in Morocco is essential. In addition, project consultants must have:

1. Advanced university degree or equivalent (Master's degree or higher) in areas related to climate change and / or environmental management, or equivalent work experience.
2. Minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience in the field of climate change.
3. Experience or knowledge of audit methodologies as well as quality control / quality assurance systems would be an asset.
4. Good knowledge of at least one of the sectors: energy or agriculture and other related issues.
5. Good organizational skills, especially to facilitate meetings, workshops and report writing.
6. Good interpersonal skills / communication.
7. Proficiency in written and oral French. Fluency in English is highly desirable.

In addition, the national consultant must have:

1. Extensive experience in policy analysis, greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory methodology, international MRV requirements under the Paris Agreement / United Nations Framework Convention on climate change and national development issues, mitigation assessments and measures in the context of national communications, BUR, CDN.
2. Professional experience / demonstrated experience in MRV planning and development and institutional arrangements at national and sectoral levels.
3. Practical experience in designing an MRV system and institutional arrangement at national and sectoral levels.

Required documents

- A CV with a motivation letter detailing why the consultant considers him/herself suitable for the assignment.
- A technical offer including: A description of a) the approach and methodology that the consultant would take to cover the tasks mentioned above and b) the way the consultant would engage with the national counterparts.
- A financial offer.

Deadline for applications: 20 February 2018

To apply for this consultancy, please send the required documentation to Fatima-Zahra Taibi at

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