Call for consultants to develop climate support tools, Sri Lanka

Monday 28 Jan 19

With the support from the Nordic Climate Facility, UNEP DTU Partnership, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and MPEnsystems have initiated the 'Building Businesses' Climate Resilience project (BBCR)', which aims to develop innovative climate decision-making approaches and tools for strengthening the adaptive capacity of micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) in Sri Lanka. A key component of the project is the design of innovative climate decision-making tools to help MSMEs in the garment industry identify, plan, finance and implement suitable adaptation measures that will help them strengthen their resilience to recurrent floods.

Support needs

To facilitate project activities and develop an easily accessible, user-friendly tool to catalyse adaptation action, in close collaboration with project partners and future users, UNEP DTU Partnership is seeking to hire a consultancy firm with documented experience in design technology and innovation. The design of the tool will be based on a participatory approach and informed by an in-depth analysis of disaster impacts and actors' behaviours, preferences and existing governance structures. The business concept proposes to integrate long-term climate adaptation solutions in business operations, in a manner, which is cost-effective and contextually adapted to the disaster prone businesses in the garment industry in Sri Lanka. The tool will be piloted in selected flood-prone case areas.

Besides developing the actual product/tool, it is expected that the contracted firm will be active with design advice throughout the project, including scoping of research, inputs to data collection tools, co-creation activities, workshops, pilot structure, and prototype refinement after the pilot.

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Contract duration: 1.3.2019 - 1.4.2020

Application deadline: 18.2.2019

Key deliverables

- Design of tool concept and prototypes
- Design and co-creation workshop and focus groups in Sri Lanka
- Facilitation training, and support materials for the focus groups and co-creation sessions
- Design advice throughout the project, including scoping of research, data collection and pilot structure and prototype refinement after the pilot

Required documents

- A technical offer including a description of the approach followed and activities planned to cover the tasks mentioned above
- CVs of consultants
- A financial offer including breakdown of the costs.

Please submit your proposal to project manager Caroline Schaer at

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18 APRIL 2019