Call for Expert Consultant on Mitigation & Adaptation for Technology Needs Assessment of Afghanistan

Tuesday 18 Dec 18

UNEP DTU Partnership is seeking to hire an expert consultant to support and facilitate the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) process. National experts are being recruited for the execution of activities in relation to climate change mitigation in the i) Energy ii) Transportation iii) Waste iv) Housing sectors under the direct supervision of the TNA Coordinator.

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Background to the assignment

The current Global TNA project, deriving from window (i) of the Strategic Program on Technology Transfer, is designed to support countries to carry out improved Technology Needs Assessments within the framework of the UNFCCC.

The main objectives of the project are:
• To identify and prioritize through country-driven participatory processes, technologies that can contribute to adaptation and adaptation goals of the participant countries, while meeting their national sustainable development goals and priorities (TNA).
• To identify barriers hindering the acquisition, deployment, and diffusion of prioritized technologies.
• To develop Technology Action Plans (TAP) specifying activities and enabling frameworks to overcome the barriers and facilitate the transfer, adoption, and diffusion of selected technologies in the participant countries.

Duration of assignment: 22 months starting 31 January, 2019.

Application deadline: January 7, 2018

Required documents: CV, relevant references, documents which describe how you would provide the required supports and breakdown of the costs.

Please submit your bid to Subash Dhar at and Rohullah Amin, TNA Coordinator Afghanistan at




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