Low Carbon Development

UNEP DTU Partnership’s Low Carbon Development (LCD) Programme assists countries with capacity building to advance national processes on climate mitigation policy implementation, supports national readiness to access climate finance and scales-up mitigation actions with strong sustainable development benefits, deployed through private and public financing sources.

The LCD Programme activities are designed to comprehensively respond to the dynamics, trends and needs of the current and future climate change mitigation regime. Building on a sound platform of research, an integral capacity building framework and a wide international network, combined with a unique delivery system, the Programme contributes to secure implementation of COP decisions, policies, and actions for climate change mitigation.

The LCD Programme is designed to influence and promote behavioural change in carbon intensive sectors and raising awareness among financial institutions on climate change mitigation investment opportunities in developing countries.

The work methods include in-country activities aiming at enhancing national enabling environments; institutional empowerment and reducing identified knowledge and skills gaps standing in the way of progress from planning to implementation. Our projects and activities are designed to ensure participatory processes to secure country ownership and continuity, by:

• Engaging with countries to enhance transformational strategies and actions towards carbon neutral economies.

• Empowering national institutions to facilitate transparency and accountability of mitigation actions implementation

• Facilitating access to international climate finance, and leveraging and redirecting private sector investments.







23 MAY 2019