Since its inception, UNEP DTU Partnership has published numerous research reports, scientific papers, articles, books, guidebooks, summary for policy makers, working papers and academic peer reviewed publications. These varied publications authored or produced by UNEP DTU Partnership can be accessed below:

    Cover_Biofuel Potential in India        


Cleaner Energy Development: TNA Guidebooks Series; TNA Perspectives Series; TNA Papers

Low Carbon Development: CDM Guidebooks Series; Carbon Market Perspectives Series; REDD+ Publications; Emissions Reduction Country Profiles; NAMA Publications; iNDC Publications

Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2): Click to access C2E2 Publications.


Low Carbon Development Papers; UNEP Risø Climate Working Paper Series 

UNEP DTU Partnership Working Paper Series

Climate Resilient Development

Working paper 1: Monitoring and Evaluation for Climate Change Adaptation

Working paper 2: Joint Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture and Forestry
25 MARCH 2017