Promoting Low Carbon Transport



Toolkit for Preparation for Low Carbon Mobility Plans (English), (Spanish)






Low Carbon City: A Guidebook for City Planners and Practitioners







Biofuel Roadmap for India







Scenarios and Roadmap for Intercity Transport in India: The Role of High Speed Rail






Electric Vehicles Scenarios and a Roadmap for India








Low-Carbon Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Rajkot







Low-Carbon Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Vishakhapatnam 







Low-Carbon Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Udaipur, 2014








Study on Electric Mobility in India







Second-Generation Biofuel Potential in India: Sustainability and Cost Considerations







Assessment of Motor Vehicle Use Characteristics in Three Indian Cities







Gender Sensitive Transport Planning for Indian Cities







Transport Scenarios for India: Harmonising Development and Climate Benefits







Assessment of Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) Characteristics in Delhi







Low-Carbon Mobility in India and the Challenges of Social Inclusion: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Case Studies in India






Infrastructure for Low-Carbon Transport in India: A Case Study of the Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor






NMT Infrastructure in India: Investment, Policy and Design






Impact Assessment and Management: Framework for Infrastructure Assets: A Case Study of Konkan Railways






Case Study of Metro Rails in Indian Cities








18 APRIL 2019