Low Carbon Development Papers

Working Paper No. 13
City Based Carbon Budgets for Buildings 

Working Paper No. 12
The Clean Development Mechanism Re-engineered! 

Working Paper No. 11 
Sustainable Development Impact of NAMAs

Working Paper No. 10
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Indexing CDM distribution: Leveling the playing field

Working Paper No. 9
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Facing Destruction without Representation? Low-Power Groups in Climate Negotiations on Post-Kyoto CDM

Working Paper No. 8
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
PoA CDM Manual - Mini Biogas Plants for Households

Working Paper No. 7
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Electricity sector crediting mechanism based on a power plant emission standard: A clear signal to power generation companies and utilities planning new power plants in developing countries post-2012

Working Paper No. 6
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Electricity sector no-lose targets in developing countries for post-2012: Assessment of emissions reduction and reduction credits

Working Paper No. 5 
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Technology and knowledge transfer from Annex 1 countries to Non Annex 1 countries under the CDM - An empirical case study of CDM projects implemented in Malaysia

Working Paper No. 4
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
A quantitative analysis of the cost-effectiveness of project types in the CDM Pipeline

Working Paper No. 3
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Potentials and barriers for end-use energy efficiency under programmatic CDM

Working Paper No. 2
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Sustainable Development Benefits of Clean Development Projects

Working Paper No. 1
CD4CDM Working Paper Series
Risks and Chances of Combined Forestry and Biomass Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism
(revised June 2006) 

Risø DTU Climate Paper Series

URC Working paper Series


25 MARCH 2017